Lizards First - White Fence - Family Perfume Vol. 1 & 2 (Cassette)


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  1. Taking notes on prolificity from Guided by Voices, stereo panning from Hendrix, and pretty much everything else from early Pink Floyd, White Fence has concocted an overloaded set of psyched-out garage blasts, stuffing Family Perfume, Vols. to the gills with tripped sounds and zoned-out melodies. Working under the moniker White Fence, Strange Boys member Tim Presley has written and recorded.
  2. Mar 12,  · Entitled Family Perfume, Presley’s third LP will be split into two parts, with Vol. 1 out on vinyl and digitally on April 3rd and Vol. 2 out on vinyl and digitally on May 15th.
  3. Possibly named after the classic East L.A. street gang, retro-psych-pop rockers White Fence, led by - and more or less consisting solely of - Timothy Presley (Strange Boys, Darker My Love), seem determined to break out in , first releasing a collaborative album with garage hero Ty Segall, titled Hair, and now offering up a long, impressive double album called Family Perfume, Vol 1 & 2 on /5(9).
  4. ***Everyone with any degree of hearing loss knows that the loose and shaggy beast of a band balancing on the crest of their capabilities is the ideal—the firefly that all records aspire to capture for the listener’s repetitive pleasures. The live record promises better, but still most fall flatter than the painstakingly refined and honed tones of a studio creation.
  5. Range. Eastern fence lizards are found from New York south to northern Florida and as far west as Ohio and Arkansas. Fence lizards live in a number of habitats—including woodlands, grasslands, and shrublands—but they usually stick to areas with trees.
  6. The scales of fence lizards have prominent keels, and each scale has an obvious spine, giving the animal a very ‘rough skinned’ look. Both sexes are similar in size, about 5 to inches long ( cm). Fence lizards are quite common throughout the northern half of Florida.
  7. White Fence Articles and Media. Ty Segall and White Fence’s “Good Boy” Is Equal Parts Soothing and Surreal.
  8. The Western Fence Lizard, commonly known as the "blue-belly lizard", is a member of the spiny lizard family and is found in the western United States. The Western Fence Lizard is very common throughout its range, and can often be found sunning itself on rocks, fences and in trees. There are six recognized sub-species of Sceloporus occidentalis.
  9. Common Name: Eastern Fence Lizard. Scientific Name: Sceloporus undulatus. Etymology: Genus: Sceloporus is derived from the Greek word scelos meaning "leg" and the Latin word porus meaning "hole", referring to the pronounced femoral pores found in this group of lizards.. Species: undulatus is from the Latin words undulatus meaning "wave" the tus suffix means "pertaining to", in reference to .

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